Sigmaprivilege has an experienced team with over ten years of knowledge in Antwerp resulting in a quality lodging service on premium locations.

With thorough experience in the lodging services and a profound knowledge of the cities, we are ready to welcome the companies representatives and company workers to any of our lodging facilities.


Sigmaprivilege is a lodging company that sets to provide a service of excellence for companies, specialized workers and businessmen within the projects being developed in the Antwerp Port.

We develop our activities mostly in Antwerp, Belgium.

We provide lodging to workers as well as medium and senior employees, which will determinate the type of room to allocate the worker (the higher the seniority level the better supplied the facility is, quality and amenities wise).

Our studios/rooms are not rented out for tourists, but fall under the Housing Rental Act and the Flemish Housing Code. Minimum stay is 1 month.

These accommodations are only rented as main residence and that persons staying there must domiciliate / register with the city of Antwerp at the address of the accommodation for the entire rental period.

Currently we have companies working with us from the following countries:

  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Belgium
  • Romania
  • France
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Netherlands