What is Corporate Lodging?

Our main activity is professional lodging and logistic services on a B2B perspective, providing mid and long term rentals (over six months and up to two years) in a wide range of business areas such as engineering, computer programing, civil and naval construction, welding and piping works amongst others.

To whom do you provide your services?

We provide lodging to workers as well as medium and senior employees, which will determine the type of room to allocate the worker (the higher the seniority level the better supplied the facility is, quality and amenities wise). Currently we have companies working with us from the following countries: Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Romania, France and Denmark.

Where are the lodgings located?

We develop our activities mostly in Antwerp, Belgium.

Is Sigmaprivilege tourism oriented?

Sigmaprivilege is not tourism oriented. We are not opened to general public, nor do we lodge tourists or any type of visitor that might contact us for their stay in Antwerp.

What services are included?

Sigmaprivilege works uniquely on the logistics area, looking to provide services within the accommodation, catering and transport areas.

How can I get a quote?

Click here to contact us and get a quote adapted to your needs.